Booking assistance

Welcome to SunKiss Hotel Nha Trang!

To assist you in the process of booking at the hotel we will guide you how to book.

You can choose the following booking methods:

Method 1: Call booking directly at Hotline 0258 249 8888 to receive room information fastest

Method 2: Online booking

SunKiss integrates booking associated with booking website.

Detailed instructions on booking steps from Website

Step 1: Select a reservation on the Website

On the Sunkiss website, there is a “Booking” button, you just need to select the button that will be linked to the Sunkiss booking page on

Step 2: Book at
Right after finding out and choosing the right room type and like it according to your preferences. The next step is to book a hotel. Images of rooms, locations, and room amenities at Sunkiss will be displayed. Then proceed to the reservation.

Step 3: Enter the address
After completing the booking steps. The last thing is that you enter your personal address and card information to complete the booking procedure. Afterwards, will send you a reservation confirmation for gmail.

Step 4: Payment – complete the reservation
When the reservation is completed, you fill out personal information in the form of If you have special requirements for the hotel, please fill in the box: “special requirements”. If you make a reservation for someone else, you will also check the box: “I book this room for someone else”.

Some reservations on

Online booking on OTA channels is no stranger to tourist believers. However, online booking also happens certain risks. And here, Sunkiss will share with you a few notes when booking on, helping you avoid the risks during the booking process at this site.

To avoid the unfortunate situation due to a technical error resulting in the hotel not receiving your booking, make sure to contact the hotel a few days in advance to make sure Sunkiss has received your booking from Booking. Phone number for Sunkiss 0258 249 8888. If you are still not sure, then you should forward the information (email to the hotel immediately after booking a room on Booking to ask the hotel to check and confirm.

Room rates on Booking are charged an additional 5% service charge and 10% VAT.

Sunkiss would like to thank you for trusting to use the accommodation service at our hotel!

We wish you a happy holiday!

Best regards!


Phone: 0258 249 8888



Address: 100 / 8C – 100 / C9 Tran Phu, Nha Trang City